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      Hello Maangchi, I’m so happy to have found your site. I have been wanting to learn how to cook Korean dishes for a very long time but always found it hard because I never knew what ingredients to buy. I love to cook. My husband was adopted here in Canada when he was two years old by a Canadian family. He never knew his family in Korea. He always wanted to find them but it was very difficult. Just when he was about to give up, we got a phone call from a social worker in Korea who told us that they had found his mother. It was the happiest day of my husbands life except of course for the birth of our children and the day he met me!!Hee Hee.

      A month after we found his mother, we bought four tickets to Korea and went to see them. It was an incredible experience not to mention very emotional.We had an awesome time with our new found family. Enjoyed the food, the people and culture. This Sunday I’m planning to cook a feast of Korean dishes for friends and family. Can’t wait!!

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      hola! hahahaha =D chileno aca tambien ahah


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