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      Hoping somebody can help. It doesn’t look like you can purchase Cheongyang chilli pepper seeds in NZ but I want to try making my own Gochugaru and maybe Gochujang. I’ve read that Cheongyang chillis only read between 4,000 and 10,000 SHU on the Scoville scale and was thinking maybe I could use cayenne pepper and mix it with something like a Corno di Toro which is more like a sweet pepper and only 500 SHU? Thought maybe without seeds the Cayenne might be okay?

      I’m not crazy great with spice, I use gochujang and gochugaru in my cooking so not the worst but don’t want my face on fire so this seems like a good level. But I’m worried the taste won’t be the same.

      These are they types I know I can buy that aren’t super hot (that I know of), if anyone has had any luck using any of these please let me know.
      Asian Fire (Vietnamese)
      Hungarian Yellow Wax
      Sky Hot (recommended for Asian cooking)

      New Zealand has super strict biosecurity so it’s VERY hard to get seeds for plans that aren’t already established here. King oyster mushrooms are banned for importing as it’s a parasitic species. Trying to find Ae-hobak is impossible I’ll have to settle with Lebanese zucchini. We do have Korean radishes, melons and cucumbers.

      TIA :)

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