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      vitamins from food so that our bodies remain healthy and function properly. Unfortunately, many popular cooking techniques lead to excessive vitamin loss, due to which we often end up being deficient in essential vitamins in spite of having a “balanced” diet. Minimizing vitamin loss from food during cooking will not only help you eat healthy, it will also make your food tastier. Some tips that will help you minimize vitamin loss while cooking and get the maximum benefit from what you eat are listed here. Before we get down to vitamin loss through cooking, it is important to realize that food items also lose vitamins through exposure to air, water, light and heat. It is because of this reason that nutritionists advise eating fresh produce as much as possible, since they fresh foods get exposed to the elements for the least amount of time. If you cannot go out and buy fresh produce everyday, make sure that you store your fruits, vegetables and meat at the right temperatures in the fridge and freezer. Wrap and pack everything so that exposure to light and air is the least. This will ensure that your food items are still left with vitamins to lose when you pop them into the pan.





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