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    Hello fellow Korean cuisine lovers. It looks like I’ve found a happy place to indulge in finding great recipes to enjoy while I’m in the states. As a writer and international journalist, I was lucky enough to visit Korea 5 times in the past year. After discovering my body loves the taste of Korea foods and behaves SO much better having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I am trying to integrate into my western schedule.

    Easier said than done. In Seoul, Korea, wonderful restaurants and tiny eateries exist everywhere. The prices are so reasonable and everything delivers. Hardly anyone I know there cooks at home. Now that I’m home, that convenience is not possible which leaves no other option than to cook it myself.

    So, here’s my plea…HELP!!! I need suggestions for authentic recipes or creative adaptations that:

    1) I can make with meats, vegetables, and fruits available in California grocery stores. I’m not as ambitious as David Norman to grow my own ;) I do have an Asian Market a bit of a drive away for my pastes and things.

    2) Are not too time consuming. I don’t have a lot of time to cook. (to be more honest, patience is what I’m lacking these days)

    Currently I have four dishes: Gamjatang, Sweet Potato Rice, Omurice, and Kimchi Quesadilla.

    I appreciate your suggestions!




    Here’s what i always do:

    1. Learn the recipe from Maangchi well.

    2. Plan ahead what you want to eat. Most of Maangchi’s recipes are freezer friendly, by that I mean you can always cook a large batch ahead of time, portion them out then freeze. I do this with:

    – seolllongtang (portioned out the soup and meat separately). I love using seollongtang stock for my miyeok guk a.k.a seaweed soup. Sometimes I even put the meat (already seasoned) into the miyeok seollongtang (if such a thing exist).

    – miyeokguk ( i soak a small package at once and cut all, then portion and freeze. only need the stock, and those you can buy readily at any american grocery store).

    -gamjatang ( i just made the stock and added the sauce without the veg. I tripled the recipe and just picked out the bones then portion and freeze.) whenever i want gamjatang, i just need to put 2 portions still frozen solid in a pot and start heating with the lid on over med low heat, prep veg (slicing kimchi, chives, potatoes, washing bean sprout and perilla leaves if you can get some). when it finally boil furiously i just dump all the veggies in and wait until it comes back to a boil then simmer for 5 min or until the potatoes are tender which doesn’t take a long time since i always dice them about 1″ big.

    – tokpokki ( make a lot of stock ahead of time if you happen to buy those anchovies otherwise just buy the stock powder aka dashida) You only need to get the tokpokki ready made. then boil water+stock powder+tokpokki+seasoning+fish cake) finally add green onions or scallions. In the time it took for the seasoned stock to boil and tokpokki absorp some of those yummy flavor. You have yourself a meal ready.

    – fishcake

    – yukgaejang

    -kalguksu (make a lot then portion and freeze)

    3. Have fun and just browse through your freezer what you want to eat that day. If you do this, you only need about 15-20 min of cooking (thaw out the soup in a pot, put rice in rice cooker, prep veg) then just wait until everything is ready to serve. I do it all the time now. At the beginning it was troublesome but after awhile i get the hang of things and it gets really fast to prepare a quick meal when you get home, hungry and tired. All you need just warm it up and leave it to take a shower. By the time you get out of the shower, you’ll have a tasty meal ready for you.

    Have fun and goodluck

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