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      So, I’ve become one of those types that really cares about where my meat comes from. Usually I would go to the korean market and then just get whatever korean style cut of meat I needed. But now, its a bit harder.

      I was wondering if Maangchi or anybody else out there could help me in naming the cut of meat in korean and in english that are typical in korean dishes (yukaejang, bulgogi, sulungtang, etc and even things for korean bbq like cha dolbaegee, deung shim etc).

      It’d be nice to go to a local butcher and know exactly what I needed for these korean dishes.

      Maybe this can be an educational video from Maanchi, too?!

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      As I don’t have access to an Asian market that carries fresh meat in my area, I’ve had to be a bit creative with my meats. I can’t help with the Korean pronunciation or some of the others mentioned in the recipes you listed, but I use brisket or for most of my recipes including my yukaejang, sulungtang, and soy braised beef recipe. I use stirfry or thinly sliced tenderlon for my bulgogi. For korean bbq I use what Maangchi did on her vid: a really nice steak. And I use ground beef (or even cubed steak in a pinch) for my myuk-gook and rice cake soups.

      I’ve even found uncured pork bellies in one of the local Harveys in my area…they also have cross cut ribs (I think the manager is married to a Korean woman which might explain how Korean style cuts of meat and the occasional Korean condiment pops up now and then). Most butcher shops will sell soup bones, which can also be incorporated in sulungtang. And luckily here in the South, things like pigs feet, chicken feet, and and ox tail aren’t too hard to find.

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