Does anyone know what this marinade is?

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      I noticed the LA galbi/kalbi and other Kbbq recipes online call for pears and kiwis but I have never found out what marinade this one is. It seems more savory. It is often seen in most Kbbq restaurants.

      the pictures are here:

      p.s. – it is not just soy sauce

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      Usually beef is marinaded in something sweet. The pear, apple or kiwi is used to tenderize the beef and add a bit of sweet.

      Most pork marinade that I have seen have been spicy. But the photos you show don’t really seam spicy. I have not seen this style of marinaded pork but it looks interesting.

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      Restaurants seem to use that kind of sauce especially on pork belly, and the pork is submerged in the sauce right before grilling rather than marinating for a long period. From what I can gather, it basically tastes like bulgogi marinade, but a little less concentrated in the soy/sugar department, and with more garlic and ginger added. I’m thinking restaurants put a bit of MSG to give it that savory flavor, but perhaps a few splashes of fish sauce can be used as a substitute. Just my 2 cents.

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