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    Hi everybody,

    I made easy kimchi about one month ago (3rd time now). My jars were in the refrigerator the entire time. My jars started to seep juices and the top started to bulge. When I opened a jar it splattered juices. Then when I lifted the lid, the cabbage and contents started elevating out of the jar! It seemed like it was possessed. I was concerned the kimchi had was spoiled so I toss it out. Can you tell me what happened? Did it spoil? I didn’t have any squid or oyster in it. It bummed me out that I toss my last two jars of kimchi. Let me know what happened. Thanks.




    NO! Blasphemy! haha. The kimchi was still good. THis happens a lot. You just have to sometimes make sure to open your kimchi in the sink if its the first time opening it.

    Here are some possibles answers:

    1.) you over stuffed it when you made it

    2.) in the fermentation processa lot of gasses are formed that build up pressure. its like if you shake a pop can and open it.

    3.) either you didn’t pull out enough water from the cabbage while salting or there was just naturally more water retained in the cabbage so while it was fermenting in the bottle all the liquid came out of the cabbage.

    I’m kinda bummed that you threw away one month old kimchi. Ahhh the possibilities… older kimchi is the best.



    Even store-bought kimchi does the exact same thing as you say…fizzes out, and the kimchi is good. Yours would have been the best because it’s homemade. Just remember next time, if this happens again to you, you made great kimchi! :) :) :)



    This reminds me of the movie Bottle Shock where the wine they are making turns the wrong color, and so they pitch it, only to find out that it is primo wine. Great movie–you should all see it and remember that sometimes when it looks like things have gone awry, you have actually happened upon something great. :)



    Thanks everyone – I’m glad I posted. I appreciate your responses. Maangchi rocks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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