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      안녕 hello everyone. i am mike and i am seventeen years old. i have been listening to a lot of kpop recently and was stricken with the thought many of today’s youth have been succumbed by. “i wish i was that skinny.” i am overweight and want to lose weight. i think if i went to a korean diet, i would do just that.

      i am of mexican descent. i am an american and eat lots of hamburgers, pizza, bread, enchiladas, burritos. i want to know what is the results latin people had going into this korean diet?

      also i wanted to know, is it expensive going grocery shopping? are asian foods more expensive than your western or latin foods?

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      Well for myself, there is really only one place to go for the good authetic Asian ingredients. They can be cheap, but also some things can get expensive as well.

      It just depends on where you live and if you have a large Asian community. If it’s large, then more than likely you’ll have a lot more cheaper options for your grocery shopping.

      If you want to lose weight.. the only thing that has ever worked for myself was going on a Primal or Paleo diet. Look it up if you’re interested.

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      Where you live probably is a big factor on the cost, but really korean food is not very expensive to make, its mostly vegatables and rice! Plus kimchi you can make in big batches and dpending on how many people are in your family you can probably eat some every day for most of a month. I think it costs me around 15 dollars to make a 10 pound batch of kimchi.

      Also being of latin descent i totally understand the thing about eating lots of fatteneing food. what I love about korean is that it is so healthy for you the typical mean is rice a light soup a main dish and lots of vegtibleside dishes. a typical korean meal is often well balanced and the focus is more on rice or other starches and lots of veggies. i recomend eating lots of kimchi and some form of seaweed and plain green tea, those are low cal and good for losing weight!

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