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    I am not a fan of fish flavours and was wondering if somebody else is the same and what do you use in place of the fish sauce or anchovy stock that Maangchi uses in a lot in her cooking. I thought she said you can use the soup soy sauce, the lighter soy sauce (gukganyang) in place of fish sauce but would that work with the kimchi as well? I am thinking for the kimchi I will use the fish sauce since it is not too much but I don’t know about the fermented shrimp sauce to add to the kimchi. I may use that too since it is not too much either.

    If you do you use the gukganjang in place of fish sauce, what is the ratio?

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    My husband is not a fan of fish here, but I still use fish sauce for especially in kimchi you wont taste the fish, as it will ferment and I think it actually helps with the fermentation process. As for other recipies, I like to use oyster sauce cause if not a fish fan, the taste is nice. Maybe others will have better suggestions?


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    ps I do skip the fermented shrimp sauce in kimchi cause I cant find it here

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