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      For the first time i put raw oysters in my kimchi and the cabbage went fizzy… It really surprised me when I tasted it 4 days after making it (2 days at room temperature + 2 days in the fridge).
      This batch of kimchi is now 1 month old, there is no mold or nothing like that, it smells good (well actually it “stinks” but isn’t it what we want ?? :), and it’s still fizzy (not the brine, the cabbage).
      I could read some topics in the forum saying that a fizzy kimchi is a kimchi that turned bad…
      But I eat it raw or in a stew and i don’t get sick and I find it delicious…
      I’m 99% sure that it’s still good because I do not get sick after eating some but does any of you ever experienced this fizzy effect in his kimchi or am I so healthy that I can eat spoiled food ? :))

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      It didn’t spoil. If you add more salt, the cabbage will stay firm and crispy.

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      Ok ! good to know !
      I added more gochugaru thinking that it could help the preservation of oysters but didn’t put more salt than usually.
      Next time if I add oysters again to my kimchi, more salt.
      Thank you very much for this tip Maangchi !

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      My kimchi always seems to go through a fizzy phase for a couple of weeks!

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      I really like fizzy kimchi but mine never turns out that way…what can I do to make it fizzy?

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