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      To get HEALTHY crunchy tofu, don’t fry it. BAKE IT!

      The basic trick is first drying the tofu, then baking it at a high temperature to brown it and create a tougher textured skin, then letting it set out to dry even more. It also makes it much more porous to soak up delicious sauces and far more appetizing in the texture department.

      I am not going to claim this method. I learned it from the minimalist baker website.

      Here is the original recipe –

      We don’t fry tofu at all anymore, it picks up too much oil and grease.

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      And what is wrong with a good oil? Several oils are good such as rice bran oil and avocado oil. Both are great high temp frying oils too.

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      the method is not about the oil.

      It’s about driving off all the water to get the effect of crunchy skinned tofu without a soggy mess.

      To get the tofu crunchy, you have to drive out the water. Water + Hot Oil = steam!

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