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      Amber W.

      I would like to make the fried fish cake that I had at the Hmart. Do you a recipe for it?

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      I don’t have the recipe for it. I have never made homemade fish cake. I always buy it from a grocery store. Anybody has the recipe?

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      I found this recipe:

      Bungeoppang Recipe

      Materials: Bungeoppang Template


      (A) 3 Cups (400 g) glutinous rice

      3 / 4 Cup Sugar

      1 tsp baking powder

      1 tsp salt

      2 Cups Milk

      3 eggs

      1 / 4 Cup oil

      1 Tbsp melted butter (or margarine)

      (B) 1Cup beans angkko

      1 Cup brown sugar

      1 / 2 tsp salt

      1 tsp cinnamon powder

      How to make:

      (1) Bean Paste (angkko beans) Creating: patgwa dry brown sugar 1 1 at a rate of almost ready.

      Even if you stand in the water washing pateun not fit the rock is called night.

      The fire behind the new red beans hansokkeum boil water, pour the boiled water from the fire boil Sen

      Enough to get off to jungbul patyi mureudorok about 30 minutes tteumeul munggejil bubyeoseo Give a Hand

      Pour enough water when the finely grind kkeopjilchae Mixer Blender cloth bag or sack to put

      I place heavy objects on the bound moisture is subtracted dump.

      Minus the large bowl of dry red beans lay on the brown sugar, salt, cinnamon powder and mix evenly.

      (Myeotkeopssik red beans and Ziploc bags, shipped in once frozen is convenient and then write)

      (2), glutinous rice, sugar, baking powder, salt plays a mixture of

      Milk, eggs and cooking oil. Whisk melted butter and then mixed with glutinous rice to pour the mixture

      Stir well and mix again

      (3) follow the same pot for a good bowl (2) of the glutinous rice mixture and pour the play.

      (4) Bungeoppang Could electricity framework ready (Ready light) once the oil light comes first

      Vala gives a little. (Because it contains a mixture of cooking oil to burn oil when you do not Vala

      Does not stick)

      Pour a kettle of junbimul the Bungeoppang framework, one sutgal patangkko put the kettle on it again in the

      More swollen, and close the lid. Saeeonaoh steam 3-4 minutes if the sound is getting smaller again grew

      Open the lid and this has been done is light brown color.

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      OMG That is classic! What was this recipe for again? Just goes to show that stream of conciousness is different in each culture, neh?

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      i love the comment, i think amber w is referring to AwMook, a deep fried savory fish cake sometimes served on a stick and the recipe is for BoongAhPang, a dessert with sweet red bean and a batter on the outside in the shape of a fish….and just as maangchi unnie said, i buy mine at the Korean mrkt.

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