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      WARNING!: This recipe is VERY SPICY sambal. If you cannot handle spicy so much, just use the regular chili that you usually use.


      1/2 cup of Bird eye chili
      1 Tomato
      5 Shallots
      3 Garlics
      5 Candle Nuts (If you cannot find candle nuts, you can replace it with macadamia nuts)
      20 gr Raw Shrimp Paste (If you got the toasted one, don’t fry it with the garlics, shallots, and the candle nuts. Just add it when you start to grind all the ingredients)
      40 gr Palm Sugar
      1 tsp Salt
      1 tsp Chicken Powder
      Vegetable oil for deep fry
      optional : slice of lime

      Method: (Overall cooking time: 15-20 minutes)

      – Fry the garlics, shallots, candle nuts and shrimps paste until golden brown/ crispy about 1-2 minutes in medium-low heat.
      – Cut the tomato in 8 pieces.
      – Fry the chili and the tomato until softened or loosen

      With mortar and pestle:

      1. Place the friend ingredients in the mortar and grind it well

      2. When the sambal start to smooth add palm sugar, salt, and chicken powder. Grind it well.

      3. Place it in the small plate or container. Add slice of lime on the side.
      With food processor:

      1. Add the fried ingredients into the food processor and start to grind it.

      2. Cut the palm sugar into small pieces and add it into the food processor. Grind well.

      3. Add salt and chicken powder and grind it again until mix together.

      4. Place it in the small plate or container. Add slice of lime on the side.

      NOTE: Raw candle nut has 2 toxic, Saphonin and Pharbal, so make sure you always cook the candle nut before you eat it.

      We always use this sambal for dipping sauce. Mostly for tradtional fried chicken or fish, or even eat it with raw vegetables (such as cucumber, long beans, and cabbage). For me, I always use this in many occasions like when I eat KFC or put it in my Fried rice. Hehehe.. I love spicy food.

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      Thank you for sharing the recipe here!

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