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    Kimchi Mom

    Help! What do you do when your kimchi jar is frozen shut!?! I made my kimchi and left the big crock outside and it is very cold this week. My kimchi jar is frozen shut and I can’t get the big lid off the top.

    What do they do in Korea?

    I know in Gangwon-do where I was living before, the big jars were left outside all winter, and everyone just went out to get the kimchi so I was not so worried, but I can’t get the top off the jar. Is my kimchi ruined?

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    Um you are talking about the clear glass jars with plastic/metal lids right?? What I do is hit the blunt side of my knife on the corners of the lids so it loosens up. Then I use a rubber lid opener like and open it.. Or else ask a strong person to help you. I don’t know what else to do.

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    Kimchi Mom

    No, I’m talking about the big heavy ceramic traditional kimchi crock.

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    Try putting a hot wet towel on it, or better yet a towel with a cold heating pad on it. Turn on the heating pad so the lid doesn’t crack from the sudden temp change. Put a towel on top to keep the heat in and let it set for a while.

    I suggest you put a thick layer of plastic, or parchment paper on top before you put the lid back on. Kimchee might be frozen – if so bring it in to a warmer place, like an unheated garage. The kimchee should not be ruined, just softer after thawing. I freeze kimchee soup all the time, and it is just fine. Good luck!

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