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    I live about 3.5 hours from my korean mother who has cooked for me my whole life. When I went to college in Chicago, she would freeze bulgogi in bags so that I could get my korean fix. I find myself almost 30 now realizing that driving 3.5 hours to get my fix isn’t going to do. I have always been intimidated by cooking on my own because it will never come out as good as my mother’s cooking. The real test came last Thanksgiving when my boyfriend suggested I make khalbi for his family. I thought….”why would anyone khalbi when there is turkey?” it turned out to be a huge hit and my khalbi did better than the turkey! I have always wanted to branch out and make those dishes I grew up having all the time. I just did not have the confidence to start. I would find myself at the international market on the phone with my mother asking her for the ingredients..then of course the korean stubbornness comes out and we are shouting at each other while my mother is dumbing down the recipes…Now that I have discovered all these websites with videos…..the possibilities are endless. I feel after watching several of the videos, I have the confidence to really make these dishes and it tasting just as good as what my mother would make. Thank you Maangchi for the extensive detail about the dishes and enjoying cooking with others. My boyfriend is a true midwestern meat and potatoes type of guy and I want to start integrating korean dinners 2-3 nights per week. I now feel that your site is the resource and confidence builder that I needed to try my korean culinary skills! Thanks so much!!



    My mother and sisters make galbi on Thanksgiving day, too! : ) Cultural food is always popular no matter where they live.

    I’m so happy to hear that your galbi was a big hit at the party! I’m proud of you and I’m sure your mom will be also proud of you. If you can make good galbi, there will be no problem for you to cook all kinds of delicious Korean dishes!

    “My boyfriend is a true midwestern meat and potatoes type of guy ..” lol

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