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    G’Day mate! My name is Nicky, i am a 21 year old uni student and live in Australia with my family. Although i am chinese i still really love Korean food. I recently came across Maangchi’s cooking via itunes podcast and im hooked. I was instantly interested by her show and her cooking techniques because she is very approachable, and everything she uses (eg kitchenware and ingredients) is afforadable and accessable. I love Korean food alot, because of the many different side dishes, and my FAVOURITE is the tofu hot pot, and when i saw that Maangchi had cooked it i was overjoyed! It is great to know that you dont need to be a professional at something to be good at it, you just need to have enough passion.

    thank you Manngi for your great ideas and tips, you have proved that passion for your korean heritage and cooking can give you such success. i am so very happy for you~

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