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      Miss Kim78

      Hello, Korean foodies! What’s on your holiday shopping list to get for your fellow Korean food loving loved ones? Not sure what to get? Well, I’ve got you covered! I’ve curated a list of handpicked items that Korean food lovers are sure to love. Whether you’re shopping for those that are new to Korean food, for someone you would like to introduce to Korean food (that’s always fun), or have been enjoying Korean food your entire life (like me), find something for Korean foodies of any level. I’ve only picked out items that I personally love, myself! P.S. On the list includes Maangchi’s cookbook!

      Holiday Gift Guide for Korean Foodies

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      The Maxim coffee is good for instant but i dont care for the Samyang Ramyun. Paldo and Nongshim brand Ramyun are WAY better. That coffee candy is really good too.

      Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black is delicious with some braised beef and green bok choy, nappa or even kimchi.

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      I wish I saw this earlier! Thanks for the list!

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