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    Well I wanted to learn a bit more about ginseng^^. A Korean said to me, that it’s eaten just as medicine, like if you’re sick you eat samgyetang etc. Is that true or do Koreans eat ginseng also as a regular dish? What would that be? A namul like doraji namul? I love ginseng and I want to know, how to use it in my “haute” cuisine ;)

    Thank you really much 감사합니다 :)

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    We sometimes have it as a side dish,especially baby ginseng, but not frequently. And you’ve got it right. Kind of like doraji.

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    Thanks for your reply :) I think I will try it out once.

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    If I remember correctly, the only type of ginseng dish I’ve had that wasn’t a tea or stuffed into a cornish hen was a doraji as mentioned in the previous post. Mine was spicy, but I can’t say I liked it. Ginseng, for me, was bitter when eaten directly…and oddly chewy without being too fibrous.

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    Yesterday on a side road in West Virginia I saw a man beside the road with a sign Ginseng buyer. Looked like he was closing for the day. I will go back today to see if he is there.

    I would kind of like to get some fresh ginseng to try with something. Not sure what.

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