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      I wish this was a more concise recipe, but this first attempt was an experiment to see if it was possible to make Gochujang without soy,gluten or corn.

      I am going to cut and copy what I wrote on my blog post and if anyone has questions I will do what I can to answer. I am "new" to Korean food in general but have been enjoying fermenting for a couple years now. I was inspired and roughly tried to balance the proportions based on the great recipe here on Maangchi..
      "In the Food Network magazine a couple months ago they were talking about the Korean Gochujang. A slightly sweet, spicy,and tangy red pepper sauce. Sounded great! Then I realized it was a fermented product, so that meant Abby could not eat it, but figured odds were Derek would eat it, I have never seen him pass on anything spicy.

      To my surprise it was carried everywhere! Well, at least at the various Asian Markets we visit. I threw a container into my cart, ASSUMING it would be at least safe for Derek- Hardly! I got it home and read the ingredients- Corn syrup and Wheat as well as soy were in the first couple ingredients.. sigh.. I was so annoyed!!! No wheat(gluten free) for Derek at all, and he does much better without any corn and we do what we can to avoid soy. Some ingredients we just try not to bring in the house, we find it is not only kinder to Abby to not have forbidden ingredients in the pantry or fridge but safer.

      Feeling denied I threw it in the trash. I opted to try my hand at making my own.

      Instead of corn syrup I used palm sugar(you could use any sugar!)this also helped in substituting out the malt powder(simple carb)A number of recipes call for rice syrup or other sweeteners.

      Instead of fermented soy powder I used some fermented chickpeas(I am trying my hand at making chickpea "soy" sauce so fished some out of the jar to use.) If you don't have any fermented chickpea's laying around(LOL)I am wondering if a little live miso might get things rolling?

      Instead of malt powder I used regular old chickpea(besan)flour.

      It also includes korean red pepper powder, easily found at most asian markets. You can also grind dried red peppers. Finally you need sweet rice flour and salt.

      In a corn free, soy free, gluten free, and chemical free home, these were easily on hand.(well the fermented chickpea's were luck!) So, despite the major change up in what ingredients I used it really turned out delicious.

      The Houston morning sunshine helped finish it with a nice darkening. Otherwise the couple months I had it going I left it in a sunny window. I just kept a paper towel tied over the top(lazy to open and close!).

      I cut the recipe way way down. Of course now that I tasted it I wish I had made the big batch. This stuff is going on or in everything!

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      Thank you very much for sharing your gluten free gochujang recipe here!

      I will link to this recipe when I’m asked.

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      I’m going to try this with mung bean powder.

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      Hello? dianederek-how did the experiment go with fermenting garbanzo beans to make a soy free “soy sauce?” Did you ferment those with a yogurt or lactobacillus type starter or did you just wait a really long time? I am desperately wanting to do this same experiment and am having a hard time finding anyone else doing this online.

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