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    yaya k

    Hi maangchi onni! annyong~

    Nanuun yaya imnida. I’m from KL malaysia

    I was browsing the internet to find kimchi’s recipe and find ur page here!

    woah.. really2 great blog. chincha! :)

    well,why did I like korean food…

    it was accidently happen when I watched Korean Drama my Name is Kim Sam Soon. Suddenly craving for eating korean food after seeing Kim Sun Ah eating bibimbap! aigoo.. mouth watering now.. haha.

    Later on.. I discovered korean restaurant here in KL but it’s quite expensive duh to eat there everyday.. :) and I did try korean bbq and its damn delicious.

    for ur info… because of I am really like to eat korean food among my friend, now I can tell them which one is fresh kimchi and which one is not when we dine at korean restaurant. hehe

    I’m also planning to go South Korea. Its still on planning and I’m browsing places to go and so on. Well.. about the culture.. I really like hanbok. I don’t know why. I think hanbok is sweet. :)

    For now.. I really like to learn to make sam gae tang. I’m craving about it. ish..ish.. hehe. I also like and recommended my friend to eat yuek gae jang when we go to korean restaurant. Its really delicious! oh ya~ the good thing about me is when come to eating things is I can eat raw food. so.. I don’t have problem to eat raw food :)

    ok. I think that’s it about me.

    thank you ^^,

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