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      Hello maangchi and fellow blog readers,

      my name is Nick and had been staying in Russia for 2 years as a student. Not much interesting things about me, apart from being food lover and have a nut for cooking and baking till I smells like vegetable oil at the end of the day. Serously, LOL!

      I’ve been craving for Korean food since last year, when I got hooked up on korean dramas. Stereotype me lol, the 1st spark to korean food was from Coffe Prince, thats when I got introduced to the delicious Jjajjangmyun and kimchi, hmm yummy! The next thing I knew, I was stalking the net for kimchi recipe and thats when I found maangchi-sshi kimchi recipe for the 1st time. Boy, finding the ingredients was pretty tough but I managed in the end and made my first batch of kimchi, and it turned out pretty tasty! and Spicy LOL

      However, since I am a student, I’ve been on and off following maangchi and probably left out till recently, I found this site. But, I’ve also been a sort of silent stalker for a month before finally pushed the join button, hahaha

      oh, I’ve just tried dakkajung recently, they are the best! Next time I’ll have some peanuts on it. ~drooling~

      Alas, thanks for all the delicious recipes and advices from your videos and I look forward for more and more recipes in the future! Love ya >_<v

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