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    Hello Maangchi,

    I am so glad to have found your website. I am Korean, but raised in the US so while I have a taste for Korean food – I can’t really cook it (my mom did all the cooking and I never learned!)

    But now that I am a mom, and living in Germany – I really miss eating good Korean food. There are not that many good Korean restaurants here, at least I haven’t found any! Thanks to your website though, I found a Korean import store in Berlin and got all the essential ingredients and made my own kimchi. It’s a start!

    I am looking forward to cooking my way through a lot of your recipes and introducing some good homestyle korean food to my own son (half Korean, half Swiss).

    Thank you for your website, recipes, and directory!! SO HELPFUL!



    hey sunhee… you live in berlin? welcome welcome. of course we have good korean restaurants in berlin. although nothing beats a korean homecooked meal. keep in mind, berlins korean community is the biggest in germany so we are of course pretty good covered korean-food-wise.

    at least it is much much better than in switzerland.



    Hi Kumaxx,

    Okay, I should have been more specific – I live in Potsdam and I’m pretty sure there’s no good Korean restaurants here. If there is, please let me know!!

    As it is, sometimes we get a babysitter and we go into Berlin for dinner. I’ve tried Kimchi Princess and thought it was pretty tasty but I’d love to hear any recommdations if you have any :)

    I agree about switzerland – ha ha! plus it killed me to pay something like 20 Francs for bibimbap when in the states that’s like the cheapest thing on the menu. Anyway, thanks for the note!!



    oh.. potsdam is a totally different thing. what are you doing there?

    kimchi princess is okay. a bit pricy but its more for the german crowd anyways.

    try bulgogi at hodori, its really good.

    if you have some time, try ichthys. an old ajjuma cooks everything fresh from scratch so it takes a long time but yuggaejjang is really good.

    there is a new restaurant called madang. i was there only once and i thought it was pretty good. i will go there tomorrow again and let you know.

    in steglitz, there is seoul kwan. everything is pretty good there. thats from the top of my head. if you are coming from potsdam, try seoul kwan. its the nearest.

    switzerland is crazy expensive, especially if you are from berlin. berlin is foodwise pretty cheap even for german standards.



    yeah – i thought kimchi princess was a bit german for a korean restaurant – even one of the waiters was german and when i spoke to him in korean, he was confused. ha ha.

    thanks for the tips – I will try them all for sure.

    my husband works in dreilindin so it’s much closer for him for us to live in Potsdam then in Berlin. Plus it’s so green and peaceful here, we thought it would be a good environment for my son – which it is! The only drawback is the lack of ethnic food and ingredients but I don’t mind driving into the city to stock up (or fill up:) when the cravings hit.

    Hope you had a nice dinner last night and thanks for the tips!!

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