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    Hey everyone! I have been following this blog for 3 years already and it is just now that I have been able to register ^^

    My name is Tere and I come from Manila, Philippines. I am a chef at a hotel. I love food. Everything about it! ^^

    This site has been really useful for me since Korean food is very very close to my heart and stomach. Haha ^^



    Wow nice I have a KABABAYAN here.. nice to meet you Tere here in this forum.. Wow amazing you’re a chef what kind of hotel where you work, maybe this hotel is First Class and I am sure a Chef.. I hope someday I can taste the food that you prepared..



    Hi! I love food too! I’m also from the Philippines. It’s cool that there are Filipinos interested in Korean food. I’m new here too. I recently started learning how to cook. I’m taking a detour from learning Japanese food to learning Korean food. ^.^

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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