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    Like the many other registered users, I love love love Korean food! Haha, the only thing that sucks about this is that I’m not very good at eating spicy. But, I love Kimchi! So it makes me wonder if all the kimchi made in the US is just mild, or I can eat some spicy haha. Just wanted to say that the reason I even found this blog was because I had some raw seasoned squid in my refrigerator that’s about to expire. I bought it a while back at one of the Korean supermarkets and I have no clue how I’m supposed to eat it haha. I was wondering if we had to eat it raw so I looked it up and happened upon this site. I am so happy I did because you have almost all the recipes I have been dying to try and make myself. I’m so glad I was able to find your blog Maangchi! Thank you for posting your recipes! I think I will be trying to make some homemade kimchi once I find all the ingredients(mainly the hot pepper flakes). I can’t wait to look around some more =D

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