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      Hi there! So my name is Elliott, i'm 17 and share a huge passion for cooking and especially asian cuisine! Lately I have been interested in Korean cooking because it's so different from other Asian foods.

      The other day I just made some korean donuts/doughnuts!

      I was thinking of sharing my pictures on the photo contest because I took some shots, however because the entries are restricted to recipes used only on Maangchi's website (which I totally understand) I can't!

      So i thought I would head over to Ye Ol' Forum and start a wee discussion letting people who I am (because I just joined the site) and to share my photographs of my lovely Twisted Donuts!

      Here are the two photographs I would have submitted.

      The first one is of the raw dough, waiting to be fired.

      This is an Un Edited image and all the lighting is natural.

      The Second photograph is edited. I have given it a slight blur to increase the focus onto the product and draw attention away from my messy bench. I have also played with some exposure, contrast and lighting to make the less pinguid. Not to say the the doughnuts were greasy at all from being fried.

      [attachment=3648,247] [attachment=3648,248]

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      Very nice donuts and photos. Good for you for being an ambitious cook so young.

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