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      I want to buy this chili powder and grind it finely to make gochujang! Does anyone have experience grinding flakes to get a fine powder result?

      Or can anyone recommend finely ground “Product of Korea” powder for gochujang? I want it HOT

      I guess another question is that I see this powder is “medium ground, perfect for everyday cooking” is that fine enough for gochujang? Maybe? Because it’s not exactly flakes for kimchi either! Thanks in advance for helping me with my confusion :)

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      A cheap blade grinder made for coffee will grind peppers into a fine powder. Ive done it many times.

      Grind in small batches.
      Sift each batch through a strainer.
      The fine powder will fall through the strainer.
      Add anything still in the strainer back to the blade grinder.

      Dont grind for too long or the flakes get too hot.

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      Thanks for your response. It’s confidence-inspiring :)

      I’m gonna go ahead and do that then!

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