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      I have just discovered Maangchi’s channel and am really enjoying all the great recipes which are totally new to me. As I grow a few vegetables in my garden each summer, I am keen to know which Korean ingredients I could grow here in the UK. I am thinking of Perilla leaves and Korean radish, but would be grateful for any other suggestions. Thank you.

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      Hi Tanis, welcome!

      There are quite a few threads already about this topic, here are a couple:

      Asian Gardening

      Growing ingredients (seeds/varieties)

      I don’t know what the weather is like there in the summer, but perilla leaves like it hot and sunny.

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      Thank you for the links, I will have a good look through the threads. It will be for next year now but ‘hot and sunny’weather doesn’t usually last too long in our summers here. I have a plastic greenhouse which might help, it’s worth a try.

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