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    Hi Maangchi, could you do a video of haemul jungol? I ate it once in a korean restaurant where i live, and it was so wonderful. Not spicy at all, and a bit sweet with thin slices of white radish, carrot, mushroom.. It tasted so special that i couldn’t forget !

    I’ll be waiting, thanks a lot !

    Btw, thanks for posting the recipes. I had 2 years living in Korea and your site helps me a lot when I miss korean food :) Keep it up !



    Sure, haemul jeongol (seafood stew) recipe will be posted someday. Thank you!



    Anyoung hashimnikka

    I love your site. I grew up with Korean food and have learned quite a few over the years. Several recipes have elluded me but now I find them here!!!

    I’m also interested in learning how to make haemul jungol. Since I can’t make it, it’s one of the things I HAVE to get when I go out in Ktown. So I’m really looking forward to this recipe!! Also gopjang jungol would be nice too.




    Hi Maangchi

    I know many people have already said this BUT I need to reiterate what an amazing thing you are doing here by sharing your secrets with the world, I am grateful to you.

    I have JUST discovered you….I know….I am a slow learner :)

    I have always LOVE eating Haemul Jungol, so much so that my husband and I visit the same Korean place every Friday night. Needless to say we spent hundreds of dollars there!

    So my husband and I said we will try our hands on it. Just had a look at your posted recipes, but cannot find the recipe. You have alomost everything that Korean restaurant will serve.

    Am I missing a link? Can you repost it please, please please?

    Desperate Sheila



    Thank you very much for your interest in my recipes!

    Seafood stew (haemuljeongol) recipe will be posted someday in the future. Please be patient! : )

    Check my maeuntang (spicy fish soup) recipe. If you like haemuljeongol, you will love maeuntang, too.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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