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    Hi, my name is Yvonne and I am from the Netherlands. I’m 28 years old.

    I’m pretty traditional when it comes to being Dutch and I occasionally eat

    traditional dutch food.

    I discovered Korean food in a strange way.

    Looking for contact lenses-> found circle lenses-> found a video on circle lenses by Simon and Martina-> their channel is called Eat Your Kimchi-> I was curious and bought some kimchi at the local asian food shop-> wanted to make kimchi-> found video by Maangchi-> got into Korean cooking.

    Traditional Dutch food has the tendency to make me fat, since it has a lot of starch, fat cured meat and it lacks fresh green vegetables.

    I’ve found that lowering my carbohydrate, calorie and fat intake really helps me lose weight.

    It was really difficult to find tasty dishes that catered to that need, until I found Korean food.

    All I need to do is shy away from the noodle dishes and not serve rice with my soups, stews, meat and vegetables.

    At this time I have made 37 of maangchi’s recipes, I tweaked some to lower carbohydrate and fat content, and it has changed my life.

    When I diet this way (I prefer to call it “watching what I eat”) I no longer feel like I am suffering, I can enjoy the food and still slowly lose weight.

    I’ve tried a lot of hellish diets in the past, and some of them even worked really well. But at a large cost to my sanity and health.

    None of those diets allowed me to enjoy my food (tasteless dishes), it made me obsessed with food, some of them made me want to die and one made me very ill.

    I enjoy life now, and I’m back to relative health.

    I have a weakness for makgeolli and dumplings.

    I offered the option of “alcohol and dumplings” along with other options to celebrate my birthday with my friends and most of them answered “yes, we want booze and dumplings”. Korean BBQ was the second favourite.

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