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    My mom also use to make this hamburger like patty and i use to put ketchup on it and eat it with rice. I am not sure if it was just hamburger mixed with some onions and carrots but it was really yummy. Anyone know what its called or have any idea what that is.




    Here is a recipe that you can try while waiting for Maangchi’s recipe.

    Korean Hamburger Yuk Sanju Chunyua


    100 gr minced beef

    100 gr minced pork

    50 gr bean curd

    2 cloves garlic (minced)

    1 scallion (minced)

    1 teaspoon sesame seeds

    2 teaspoons sesame oil

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    dash pepper

    3 tablespoons all purpose flour

    2 eggs slighly beaten

    60 ml sesame oil for frying

    Mix the meat with the other ingredients, except for the flour, eggs and oil for frying, knead well. Make 12 small hamburger patties and roll them into the all pupose flour to coat them on both sides.

    Heat up the oil in a frying pan, dip the hamburger patties into the slightly beaten eggs and fry them in the oil untill the meat is cooked.

    I heard that when you make these mini hamburgers you should make a small depression in the center of each one (both sides, with thumb and forefinger) to prevent them from shrinking. I never tried but it might work.

    Korean hamburgers are small and therefore used as an appetizer or side dish. Of course you can make them as big as you like and eat them as a sandwich.



    the pictures is it..yes i want some..i told my mom how much i wish she was here to make it and to this day she dont remember what im talking about since it was so many years ago that she use to make it for me.



    Check out my wanjajeon recipe here. Wanjajeong is also called dong-geurang-ttaeng.

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