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      Maangchi suggested I join the forum so here I am! I am a caucasian living on the east coast, currently NC, but am from MD. All my life I have been attracted to Asian culture, food and language, but I also took ancient Greek and Spanish in school. Last year I received my degree in Culinary Technology and I cook for a living. Currently I am writing a vegan cookbook as I follow a strict vegan diet. But one of the greatest things about Asian food is that it is so easy to adapt and not lose any flavor! It will be fun to “veganize” some of Maangchi’s recipes so that I can try everything as Korean food is one that I am least familiar with. All the hard work that Maangchi has done is to be applauded – she is so warm and shares her knowledge with everyone as if they are family. She has inspired me to make my own blog and videos and to be brave and show myself on camera! I look forward to talking with many of you to share knowledge and experiences and please do not hesitate to introduce yourself!


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      You sound so interesting! I too want to follow more of a vegan raw foods diet and I have made alot of Korean salads and kim chi without the fish sauce, shrimp/anchovies. It tastes fresh and good! I love that about some many Asian cultures. They really use what grow on the earth to eat. Healhy and delicious!

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