Hello everyone! I started cooking seriously because of Maangchi :)

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    Tiny Kitten

    Hi, all. I have been a long time reader of this blog but have never posted before, but when Maangchi mentioned meeting readers who didn’t post and how she wished they had, I decided to introduce myself.

    I had never cooked for myself much before I found Maangchi’s videos. I helped my family cook often and sometimes would heat myself up leftovers or boil some pasta that I would stir sauce in from a jar, but that was it. I was afraid of the kitchen and since I had experienced some funny disasters I was convinced I was better off not trying to cook.

    However, seeing her great energy and happiness as well as having her break down the recipes in such an easy to understand way changed my outlook. I began to experiment, changing up her recipes based on what I had in the house. My first dish was a spinach side dish that was inspired by hers. Over time, I began to cook more and more, not necessarily only Korean food (my husband can’t eat spicy food and certain ingredients disagree with him and I cook for both of us about 3/4 of the time). I began creating my own recipes and gaining confidence, so that even when something didn’t turn out right I would just go right back to watching Maangchi, getting inspired, and trying again.

    I now bond over recipes with my mom, brother and my closest friends, who all cook to varying degrees. I feel like I have an unbreakable connection to the family members who are not still in the world because of the good memories I have from before, and the new good memories I am creating now, wishing they were with me. I feel like cooking and eating good food brings people closer together and celebrates our differences while surprising us with our similarities! Thanks, Maangchi, for your time and dedication!



    One of the best things about Maangchi, I agree, is her lack of fussiness. Her passion and eagerness to share shows us that cooking good food is no mystery.

    Passion is so important. I’m so glad you overcame your fear of the imaginary “kitchen priesthood” and embraced something that you will enjoy more and more throughout your life: making tasty, healthy food.

    Welcome to the kitchen!



    Tiny Kitten

    Thanks very much!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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