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      I’ve been making Korean food since I was 14 or so, when I went to a Korean Church and would help to make lunch! Now that I’m older I wanted to try to just cook Korean all the time though – because I love the food but also because I had a theory about it.

      Korean food is one of those that has remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years. Traditional diets such as the Mediterranean Diet and the Ayurvedic Diet are known for their health benefits. But those foods are not my favorites even though they can be very delicious. I have been having heartburn among other problems, but the heartburn is unbearable, especially since I’m trying to get pregnant and can’t take my usual prescription meds. Two weeks ago I completely flipped the switch. I’ve had Maangchi’s book for a few months now and made some recipes, especially baechu kimchi, but I started cooking only the more traditional and less Western (no fried chicken sorry) meals and plates and I found that after 3-5 days of only Korean food – even spicy foods like kimchi and ssamjang and radish kimchi- I had no heartburn and I could lie down for bed no problem!!! It’s super amazing and my theory was right – this traditional diet is extremely healthy, balanced, and also sustainable. I am so glad I did this and I enjoy every single meal on top of it all!!

      So thank you, Maangchi, for publishing this life-changing cookbook and making all of these fantastic recipes and cooking techniques and ideas available to the general public. I can’t wait to buy your second book – soon!

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