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    i have been following maangchi thru youtube but never had the chance to make an account here

    i am not that good in introductions but i will try to tell a little bit about me

    my name is giselle i am from dordrecht the netherlands

    half dutch half hispanic

    i love korean food off course or else i would not be here :P

    besides korean food i also love korean movies dramas and music

    i am learning korean i can understand when i hear it but have trouble writing it

    i love to travel i have been to a lot of places my next trip will be japan and korean

    oh well that’s the plan

    my intro was kind of short and boring

    so if anyone has any questions just ask

    i’m better at that than writing about me

    if i were talking i would talk for hours :)

    nice to meet you all!!!


    Hi Giselle, I’m also from the netherlands, my parents are from Surinam but I was born and raised in Amsterdam :D.

    Like yourself, I enjoy a lot of Korean movies drama’s and music.

    It’s a dream of mine to one day visit Kore, Japan and China.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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