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    Hello, my name is James. I’m a college student attending NYU. I’ve recently started to cook for myself, and I enjoy it very much. My dorm has an (incredibly) small kitchen, but I can do most simple cooking tasks. The real problem is, I don’t know many recipes, so I end up cooking the same thing over and over. I’m a first generation Korean-American, and I was raised on traditional Korean food. I stumbled across this website (literally) and found it very interesting. I figured because I’m Korean I might as well embrace my heritage and start learning. And I’m please to say, I am excited! But I don’t know where to start! I’m finding it rather difficult to find the proper ingredients in the city. Would anyone be able to give me some pointers?



    Hi! you probably want to find a korea town around your area because there are alot of them in the U.S! even a small shop must have some thing you are looking for. In New york city there are alot of small korean shops that sell laver and ready made kimchi. I have seen it with my own eyes so just look in yout local yellow pages and you probably will find something!



    Hey.. I live in NY and there’s a ton of places to go for korean ing.. Ktown between 5th and 6th ave on 32nd St there’s a Han Ah Reum.

    Chinatown in downtown manhattan you can find the bulk of what you need also except for maybe some very specific korean ing.

    NJ and Queens (flushing) also have tons of places to go.. Assi plaza, Han Ah Reum, etc…



    Hi~ I’m also in the city and there is a smaller asian/korean market called M2M next to 3rd north dorm. I think its around 12th/13th street and 3rd avenue. They don’t carry as many ingredients but it could be more convenient. Hanareum is a pretty good place to get the ingredients in Manhattan as I go there to do a bulk of my Korean food shopping. Good Luck~

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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