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    Hello all!! I am very excited about this site, thank you very much Maangchi!!

    I am recently displaced in Dayton, Ohio and I am finding there are little to no Korean restaurants and markets here. I lived in CO for many years, and there is a large Korean population and influence there. Namely because of the military. But I am suffering here in Ohio! Ha ha.

    Soon we will be moving again, and hopefully to the Seattle area. I’ve been there before and know that there is a huge Korean population there, and I will feel right at home.

    I’m excited to hone my culinary skills in Korean cuisine.

    Thanks again Maangchi!



    Hey there!! I’m from the Dayton area as well. Yeah, there are only 2 Korean restaurants here and they’re very tiny and rundown. There are about 4 or 5 markets all located around the same area, but they’re also very small and have seen better days, I don’t know if you’ve been to them before or not. I’ve been to three of them and they have a lot of good things there, especially Pleasing Market and…I forget what the other one’s called… There’s a decent number of Koreans living here, especially near Wright Patt AFB.

    If you want, you should try going to Columbus or Cincinnati for more Asian markets. I know they have a lot more there. Also try Jungle Jim’s International Market, located near Cincinnati. They have a large variety of different Asian foods, and a pretty good selection of Korean food. You just have to search for awhile, but the store itself is really neat :D


    Hello i ma new here i just introduce to myself my name is habit from usa newyork i am doing business management .



    Hello all,

    I currently live in Westerville, OH. I found this site about 8 months ago while researching Korean recipes. My second oldest son is a senior at the University of Michigan and his freshman room mate, from Korea became his best friend. He had the opportunity to go to Korea University and travel the country, visiting islands and the countryside. I was intrigued by Korean food and all the healthy benefits from it. I love trying new recipes and Maangchi’s website is the perfect resource to learn. I’m now using Byki to learn the language. My son is majoring in Korean studies and economics, his beautiful girlfriend is Korean as well, so she helps me with cooking and speaking Korean.

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