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    Hi, i was recently interested in Korean cuisine when we ‘accidentally’ got into an Korean restuarant.. and it was goooood, but quite expensive…. So i am now learning more about preparing it myself and i love it!

    I like making Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Italian and now also Korean foods.

    Your site is a great help in making a delicious meal.

    Cooking is a skill you can enjoy and benefit all your life!!

    All the best.




    Hi Reinier,

    I’m so impressed with the food you prepare, it looks delish!



    Forgot to say I’m not from Rotterdam, but I did work there ages ago.

    Do you do your shopping at the KTDC?



    Hi Minke,

    Thank you for the compliment :)

    Are you from Holland?

    Yeah, i do my shopping at KTDC, for me it’s a regular shopping run there now. They have soo many things and good quality and advice.



    Here’s for the (Dutch) people who use Hyves.

    You can add me on: kalimera.hyves.nl

    I will start a new korean food hyve soon, because the current one is inactive mostly.



    Well, I grew up in the Netherlands, but am now living in Belgium for 10 years already.

    I’m actually korean, but a pretty fake one.

    No just kidding. I’m adopted, so korean cooking is something I had to learn from scratch.

    And I have to say that you just seem to be a natural, I’m so impressed.

    It took me a lot of years to get the hang of it.

    My kids love korean cooking too, as long as it isn’t spicy.

    Those hoddeok’s look delish, I have to try them soon.

    Seeing you in that video just made my day.

    My two heroes united, what a forcefield that must have created, lol!

    Take care and keep the stove burning ;)





    Thank you very much Minke.

    I’m sure your hoddeok will be delicous!

    I added you to my hyve!




    I live in Italy and there are no Korean shops or products in my town. I tried asiakauf.com but they never answer my emails and I haven’t been able to contact them by phone. Did you just trasfer them the money and they delivered it? I went to k-mall.de but couldn’t find a Korean shop there. Can you help me out? By the way, do you have a website?

    I’m from Toronto Canada and recently moved to Italy. In Toronto there’s a big Korean town and I used to live near there. I always used to eat Korean food. It was very good and affordable. I miss that.



    Hi Pinkfuzz80,

    Asiakauf is really a major let down when you try to order there.

    coreano.it is mentioned as an online shop, but it seems the site is not operational.

    Maybe try one mentioned here:




    Miss Maangchi, hello from Holland.

    I really feel the need for tasting your kimchi now



    hello! We have the group from the Nethelands! Please join the group if you want. http://maangchi.hyves.nl/

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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