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    I love learning to cook new things. Just started my adventure in Korean cooking a couple months ago and am having a blast! I had so many reminders recently that I loved Korean food that I just had to start making it on my own (friend mentioned getting into making kimchi ( I thought to myself – I love kimchi! I should make some too!), another friend mentioned hitting up a restaurant I hadn’t been to in a long time and said it was still high quality, and on a Facebook discussion, recommended some Korean horror.) I figure three events so close together meant something. ^_^

    I love that so many items are quick to make, which is fabulous as I have very few evenings where I can actually prepare food during the week. My first weekend, I made kimchi and the second I made gochujang. Each of which were quite large recipes so I shared to love with friends! This year’s Misfit Thanksgiving (hosted gathering for friends that don’t have family in town) produced several Korean dishes as I didn’t feel like cooking a traditional meal and they were all met with success.

    For years now I’ve had quite the bowl fetish and now have found a cuisine that maximizes my stash of bowls and makes me want to buy more! It’s even revived my love for making Japanese food which I had gotten away from lately. Between making Japanese and Korean dishes, I hardly ever use plates these days.

    I am so lucky there is such a vibrant Korean community in San Diego. We have a huge Korean market and loads of restaurants. I was out with a friend a on a couple Fridays where most of the Korean businesses are and man is it ever hopping! Most places didn’t have any parking! Lest I not forget to mention, these two Fridays were also raining cats and dogs. I can’t imagine what it’s like when we have our usual nice SD weather! I guess if I want to go out, it will either have to be early and/or not on a Friday/Saturday!

    Super thanks, Maangchi, for having such a great site with easy to follow recipes and great videos!

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