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      Hello! I’m Chris from Red Thread Kitchen, a blog I started in 2021 red-thread-kitchen.com to connect people to Asian culture through food. I started it mainly because of the love I shared cooking with my kids. My husband’s family is Korean and we all LOVE Korean food! With the help of Maangchi, I’ve been dabbling in recipes since there are no good Korean restaurants in our area in WI and we live too far away from my in-laws. I decided to challenge myself since I began the blog to try to cook most, if not all of the recipes in the cookbook at least once. It’ll really depend on if I can get my hands on the ingredients and time. I’ll take my time but I want to be a better and more genuine Korean food cook and stop calling the food I’ve been making, even if delicious, “fake” Korean food because of my lack of confidence. Wish me luck! I’ll document my journey on my blog (and hopefully on my FB page too) and am really looking forward to all the delicious food! I’ll be looking at the forum for tips and tricks and for support. Thank you Maangchi!

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