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      Hi, my name is Rob and I live in Kentucky, USA. I have been trying my hand at Korean cooking for a few years now with the help of Maangchi and just joined the forums a few days ago.
      I responded to a thread about onnghi vs.other fermenters, however I realized I should probably open my own thread with a few questions for anyone that can help. I got a nice onnghi for Christmas this year but have been having trouble with mold and have some key questions. 1) How long should I be able to keep kimchi in an onnghi? 2) Should the onnghi be placed in a fridge after so many days? and 3) Should kimchi be transferred to another container after ferment?
      I have noticed a distinct difference between fermenting in a glass jar vs. the onnghi, particularly, less bubbles (“working” as we say in Kentucky ;) ).Any responses would ne greatly appreciated!

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      Hi. Just a general question about the way her recipes are set up. Is there a print page that I am overlooking or does one have to copy and paste the entire page?

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