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      Hi! I’m so happy to find out this forum, a wonderful place to get to know your food. I’ve been searching about Korean vegetables but it did not work.
      I have a new house and the former owner is a graceful Korean lady who puts her heart into gardening. So, fortunately, I inherit her green garden … yayyyy!
      We have plenty of vegetables in the yard but I do not know their names. I really want to have these vegetables in my meals and continue her gardening ad much as I can. Can any one help me address these vegetables ? Thanh you!

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      Sorry I can’t help with all of these but:
      Top pic: I don’t know
      second from the top: chicory (Cichorium intybus)
      Third pic: Maybe Chui-namul, I don’t know the English name or it maybe gomchwi , (Ligularia fischeri)
      Fifth one: mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)
      Bottom: common pigweed,(amaranth) Do not let it go to seed, it can become a weed problem in the garden. It is a very nutritious plant for and the seeds are a good protein source , but is a noxious weed, for corn and soybean farmers.
      Crown Daisy (Glebionis coronaria) is one of my favorite salad greens, and it is easy to grow. I grew it on my north facing balcony in Sweden.
      Perilla is another good green, it is fairly easy to grow but needs full sun.
      Here is another good Korean food site:

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