Help! Need to know name of that sweet dessert drink after a full meal !

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    I just had a wonderful dining experience with some colleagues in a Korean restaurant here in Singapore.

    They served a very very delicious cold dessert drink after the meal.

    The drink is totally transparent, like water, garnished with with 2 slices of red date and a pine nut.

    It is sweet with subtle tastes of ginger.

    Could someone tell me what that is and a simple recipe for it? My colleagues and I are dying to make that to store in the office. It is simply deliciously refreshing!

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    Could it be the “soo jung gwah” that Maangchi has already made? Did it have a cinnamon flavor to it? Check out her Youtube videos. It should be under Korean desserts. =)

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    No I don’t believe so.

    The drink looks like water, totally clear with hints of ginger.

    No Persimmon tastes at all.

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    Sounds like shiikhae. A sweet rice dessert drink, somewhat thick right?

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    I don’t think shik hae has ginger in it. Or does it? O_o

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    Some people might put ginger in their shikae. I don’t do it, but maybe the restaurant owner has her own recipe?

    Shikae usually has some rice in it, but it doesn’t sound like there was some rice in yours. So I’m not sure what it is. Maybe the restaurant invented it? You can always ask them directly, and see what they say. I’m curious!

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    Hellos again!

    I finally went back there and spoke to the manager.

    She says it’s a Malt Sugar drink but since there is a hint of ginger in it, people think its a Ginger drink.

    She says there is Malt Sugar, a little honey, white sugar and Ginger.

    I guess since the drink is as clear as water, everything is added in moderation. Chill it and then enjoy with a pine nut and 2 tiny slices of a red date.

    Once I buy some malt sugar… I can’t wait to try this. Mmmm!

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