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    My wife and I patronized a Kalbi restaurant in Dobongsan, which is between Seoul and Uijongbu. They always served us a small salad and then what I had always assumed was either a soup or a drink as it was cold with crushed ice in it.

    I’ll call it the soup here… it was clear and cloudy, always had a few pieces of radish, and few pieces of sliced carrot and a couple of pieces of cucumber. That was it… with the crushed ice of course.

    It was salty and very, very, very strong tasting with garlic and ginger. My wife would eat with a spoon but I just pick up the bown and drink it like water. The taste… and definitely the smell would stay with me for hours and sometimes days. I loved this stuff so much and I want more!!!!!

    My Korean friends tell me that what I am describing sounds like mul kimchi but when I look up mul kimchi on the interent and here on the website, the pictures I see do not resemble what they served us in Korea.

    Have you any ideas what is is that I have described to you and if so… how can we make it?

    Thank you!!!

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