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      I am a farmer, gardener, lover of ferments and kim chee was my first ferment experiment. I have made it a few times but just had my napa cabbage get big enough to make a batch. Here is the recipe:
      I just bought some new ferment tools, the glass weights and new air locks, pretty lids with gaskets. I forgot how to use the air locks, so using the instructions for new air locks, didn’t put brine in the center tube going down into the jar. But put it all around the outer receptacle and put little lid on. 6 days in, I opened the jar and the liquid level in the jar was about an inch down. I tasted it, but it wasn’t the sparkly flavor I had previously experienced. Is it still good? If it was bad would it be really funky or stinky? How can I tell if it worked? Thanks!

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      I had the same issue (not being “sparkly” or pungent enough). I’m hoping Maangchi or anyone can chime in soon!! I’m drying to find out why my batch came out wrong. I was only 3 days in and noticed some discoloration on the top layer and not much bubbling. It tasted “mellow” for a kimchi. I’m guessing I salted for too long, forgetting that the firm pieces shouldn’t be completely wilted.

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      If youre looking for more stinky and fermented, keep it out on your counter longer. If you’re looking for more heat, add more pepper flakes. I dont think the amount of wilting would impact your level of fermentation much. You just need to give the bacteria time to get to work.

      Cinblin – i cant help with your containers im afraid, I just ferment in big tupperwares or ceramic crocks. I just make sure that the vegetables are fully submerged using a weights. Simpler is best!

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        Thanks, jasa73! I think I figured it out; the lid on my container isn’t as airtight as it should be. The kimchi under that light/discolored layer was exactly how kimchi should taste! I’ve transferred to a better container (mason jar) so I should be set!


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      Hi! If i follow maangchi’s recipe for baechu kimchi. She used 10 pounds of nappa cabbage. If i use 30pounds of nappa cabbage. Should i triple also the ingredients too? Like for the kimchi paste? My worry is maybe it will be too salty or it still depends on how i taste it?

      Thanks for the response.

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      Thanks for the post

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      Hi Guys, i have a slight problem with my daikon radish kimchi. Hopefully you guys can drop me a few pointers. I tried making my daikon radish kimchi the other day and made everything according to maangchi recipe, followed it to the Ts. I left it out on the counter for a few days to ferment but when i came back few days later (i think it was 2 or 3 days after) i saw maggots on the surface of the kimchi. It was heart breaking moment for me to see a big jar of kimchi going to the trash. I wonder what’s wrong with my kimchi. Anyone can help perhaps??????

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      I love kimchi. I saw your website and came across so many mouth-watering kimchi dishes. Can you tell me how make crispy prawn with white sause. I was wondering how it sounds like but as you are a expert please help me with this. I am doing some Research Paper USA
      and I am happy to find your website.

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        Looks to me like you might be a spammer with that research link. On a side note, crispy shrimp or prawn in white sauce is more than likely a Chinese dish.

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