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    hi! I am Wesley and I am a 17-year-old boy from the south of The Netherlands.

    The first time I saw korean food was in family outing. It looked so delicious!! and when I started to watch dramas I learned more about korean food. I’m so glad I’ve found maangchi’s website! I already visted your site for an half year but I never thought of signing up but now i did it because it would be great to talk a little with maangchi.

    I also love Kpop. I am a fan of Shinee, which explains my avatar ^.^ maybe later I will post a picture of myself. I also love Girl’s generation, 2ne1, 2pm and all those other great groups!

    I am looking forward to more of your great recipes and to many conversations with other members =)



    Welcome Wesley!



    Hi Wesley!

    I love kpop too. I like Shinee as well, they have such unique choreography. I’m glad Taemin changed his hair, he used to look sort of like a mushroom. I like SNSD too, do you like their new Run Devil Run? My favorite band is Super Junior, though I like DBSK and BoA too. I love 2ne1, I’m a big fan of Bom and Dara. I’m really liking T-ara’s I Go Crazy Because of You and Kara’s Lupin right now, and I’ve gotten into C.N. Blue because Yonghwa being on We Got Married with Seohyun.




    haha, you’re right about taemin’s hair ;) I love SNSD’s new single! but I do like Oh! a little more ^.^ it’s a really happy song compared to run devil run :P

    Super junior and DBSK are also very good groups! I haven’t heard much from BOA, maybe I should listen more to her music :P I love the new songs from t-ara and kara! especially their dances xD they are so funny!!

    We got married! I have to watch that because I hear it is a great programme. It’s about two celebreties who are in a non-real marriage right? I read on allkpop that there were netizens who were angry about that couple! Seohyun would be to boring for Yonghwa… What do you think about that?




    Well, it did ensure I knew which one was him, so I guess it was good for that.

    I like Oh and Run Devil Run equally right now, but when I’m singing to myself (while I cook Korean food!) I’m usually singing Run Devil Run, especially the “neon jaemiobseo maeneo obseo, neon Devil Devil neon neon”.

    BoA’s been working on her American debut for the past few years and has released an English album here; I didn’t buy it or really much like it, but I thought it was a good effort. Her accent is still too strong to sometimes understand what she’s trying to say.

    I like the new dances too, but what were the odds that both Kara and SNSD would have ‘run’ steps in their dances? I’m looking forward to After School’s new song, I heard they did actual drum practice for it. I was in drumline in high school, so it’ll be interesting to me to see how it turned out.

    We Got Married is a fun program! And yes, it takes a pair of celebrities and puts them in a (not real) marriage situation. I remember when Kang-In (from Super Junior) was on the show, he played the peppero game in his dorm in front of Super Junior and they all whipped out their cellphones to photograph it! I don’t think Seohyun will be too boring for Yonghwa, but I do agree that he’s going to have the harder job of the two, Seohyun is very reserved. But she’s not very into boys, so this is new territory for her and I admire the fact she’s trying to stretch herself. She doesn’t speak up much on variety programs, so seeing her in the spotlight is certainly different and welcome. I think it’s an interesting pairing and that it’ll be good for both of them. Since Yuri, Tiffany, and Sunny are already on shows, Taeyeon’s already been on WGM, and Yoona’s in dramas all the time, out of the ones left I think they chose well. What do you think?




    haha! you’re also listening to their music while you’re cooking xD ! me too! I always put one of the music shows on and when I hear a song I know I sing along ^.^ It is so relaxing to cook while you’re listening to music, especially when I’m home from school..

    It is really funny that kara and SNSD have run steps :P But the run steps from SNSD are more sensual and from kara is it all about fierceness :P .

    Have you already seen ther mv? It just came out today!! I love it! I just need to hear their song a couple of times because it’s so diffrent from other songs..

    Their new concept is also very diffrent from ‘ because of you’ Now they are all sexy and strutting, and with ‘because of you’ they were very vulnerable.

    yeah they made a good choice with Seohyun, because she hasn’t got many attention as the other members. It is so weird that it’s just a virtual marriage… because maybe this could be a really good couple! I saw the pictures from their first date in lottepark ( I think) and they were so cute!!

    Do you watch drama’s too? I’m now watching you’re beautiful :P Uee is really mean in that!! :P She is so good!



    Heeey .. ,

    I have to say I got here through your avater :P

    I like SHINee too .. , I mean way too much :D

    On the other hand ; have you tried any recipe ?



    Hi , I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!





    Hi Wesley, welcome. have you already made some food??

    If you have any questions where to buy food etc. let me know.

    have fun :0)))


    hy guys i ma new members of this forum well my name is habit fro m california




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