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    I’m Elle, as my handle states. I’m 28 and I’ve two little boys and live in NC. I hate it here but it is what it is. I go to school (culinary arts) and take care of my two young sons (4 and 1 1/2) the youngest has a disability so rare, maybe 200 people in the world have it which means alot of surgery coming up! They’re my world though and life can be funny sometimes in the things it directs you towards. My youngest is pictured in my avatar.

    I have a catering company that is just starting out. I really didn’t want to start out here however I’m not up for moving currently and changing 8 different dr’s so here is where it is. I specialize in italian foods however I’ve lived in a few other countries and have went to cooking schools in each one (China was by far the most difficult but soooooo worth it). I myself am french/italian and my boys are mixed with chinese.

    Cooking is definitly a passion for me, so I’m happy to be able to do it for work because as the saying goes, do something you love and then it’s not work at all anymore. My boys also are thrilled about this, as they’re not picky eaters exactly but love all types of different foods (I guess that comes from being international as far as my oldest is concerned, he loves spicy and pickled foods and ate a ton of them while growing up the first two years in China and my youngest eats everything) and I’m more than happy to make them.

    I love korean food by far the best as it’s shades of spicy, sweet, old and new always please me. I know quite a few korean dishes already but it’s all traditional and haven’t really experimented too much with new recipes as far as korean ingredients go. I love this website though as the owner is not only funny but extremely talented in her recipes. I’ve posted a few times but have since tried alot of her recipes and have loved each one of them.

    Nice to meet all of you!



    Hello Elle, and welcome on board!

    I am Italian, living in Italy but fond of Korean cuisine.

    I wish you luck for your new adventure and for your kids’ health.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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