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    Hi Maangchi!

    I recently purchased a package of pickled lotus root that was shelved beside the kimchi in an Asian grocery store in rural Ontario. I’m under the impression that the pickle is probably Chinese, but I was wondering if a recipe exists that is more so redolent of Korean flavouring.

    The lotus root that I purchased appeared to have soaked up the pickling brine or paste — it seemed more like an oil based paste — which was reddish in colour, had a small amount of what appeared to be chili flakes and also some garlic and possibly ginger. I doubt that there was anything salty added to it other than salt (or a small amount of soy sauce if anything). It may have included a hot bean paste, but not a large amount because the dressing seemed to be relatively transparent with a reddish tint. There was most definitely some kind of oil involved. I finished it already — it was a while ago — so I can’t provide a picture until I return to the city in which I purchased it. I think that it would make a great side dish or addition to a Korean meal within which pickles are generally included.

    If nothing springs to mind… are there any Korean recipes that you know of for pickling fresh lotus root when it’s available and good quality?

    Or are there any recipes for Korean-style infused oils that could possibly be used to augment a standard pickling recipe for lotus root?

    Thanks again for all of the wonderful recipes and videos!

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