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    A two years ago the Wichita Eagle’s Go section had an article on a new Korean restaurant called Hot Stone Korean Gril, located at 3743 N Rock Rd (a few block north of 96 & Rock Road on the west side of the street). So since it was awhile since the family and I had a chance to go to a Korean restaurant off we went to experience this restaurant.

    Hot Stone Korean Grill is an excellent restaurant with very courteous staff.

    There Yaki Man Doo is the perfect appetizer to bring back some of that Korean experience you might be missing. This along with the meso soup that is served prior to your main course will get you revved up for so delicious and authentic Korean food.

    When the main course comes, whether you decide on Kal Bi, Bi Bim Bap or Bulgogi…you will love it! In addition to your main course you’ll see the essential side dish of Kimchi and bean sprouts.

    One thing to not, when they opened the owner planned to install the traditional grills at each table (hence the name) that you’ll see at traditional Korean restaurants but I think that plan has changed. While that would have been a very nice addition, I think it hasn’t hurt this restaurant one bit.

    Pricing per dish is approximately $8-12.

    The only problem we have found with this Korean restaurant is that there is now another Korean restaurant (I’ll add a seperate review for it) in town that’s competing for our attention. It’s a toss up on which to go to most of the time as both are excellent.

    Between the two, this ones Yaki Man doo wins hands down! This one is also a cleaner, less cluttered and more spacious. This one would be my choice for a first date.

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