How are gochu (peppers) used when not dried?

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      I am growing a Korean pepper in my garden this year and was wondering how the fresh peppers would be used (both green and fully ripe red) in Korean cuisine. I do not live in a climate amenable to drying, and I do not have a dehydrator, so I was hoping to use the peppers fresh. I have successfully dried peppers in the oven, so if I have a bumper crop I may try that as well.
      I thought I might be able to make a gochujang with fresh peppers, but my research has shown that it is made with dried pepper powder/flakes. Also, I don’t want to risk trying to ferment my precious crop–though we’ll see if I get several pounds!
      This is the pepper variety:

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      Hi veeta! Maangchi has a great page describing the green chili and lists many recipes to use it in here:

      Green chili peppers (Cheong-gochu)

      At my favorite local Korean restaurant (Shira Kiku, Nashua NH USA) they make a dish called Gochu Japchae. It is japchae with lots of sliced green chili peppers! I love this one!


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      When you are in Korea, you can see they use it many times. For instance, if you order ssambap or samgyopsal at the restaurants, they will give you some gochu you can add to the wrap.

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      When I was in Korea a couple years ago, visiting a friend, we at the peppers, fresh, with every meal. They are harvested green, not allowed to go to red. Everywhere we ate green peppers were served as a side dish. It took me a couple of tries to get into it. They are hot peppers, but not so hot that you cannot eat them fresh. Like how some people eat fresh jalapeno peppers. They have an outstanding flavor, fresh, better than jalapenos.

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