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    I’ve tried recreating some of the stuff I’ve seen in the snack section of Asian markets and each time it came out awful. The ones that elude me are the sweet potatoes, corn, and mixed meat.

    Their sweet potatoes and corn are so firm and sweet. I’ve tried steaming, but my corn just tastes like regular corn. Is there a specific type that’s used?

    Also the mixed meat dish…can’t figure out how they cook it. Usually it’s served with Korean blood sausage but it contains a mix of beef tongue, pork jowls, and pig ears. It’s so nice and firm. Bought some tongue once and tried boiling it (recommended by the butcher) and it didn’t turn out well at all. Thought about steaming, but it’s so large, I couldn’t figure out how to do it and didn’t know if that was how it’s done.



    The corn is definitely different. I don’t know what they’re called, but I’ve had similar corn in Latin America as well, where the kernels are a bit starchier and chewier.

    Korean sweet potatoes are the same as ones labeled “Japanese sweet potatoes” at my local grocery store. Are those what you’re using? They have a dark purple skin and a pale interior, and taste more like chestnuts. American sweet potatoes are now common in Korea also and they’re called “squash sweet potatoes” because they taste more like winter squash.



    The firm meat served with blood sausage is pork liver. If you steam it, it will be firm just like the stores.

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